Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management

Great Lakes Advisors

We work with our private wealth clients to design a tailored investment portfolio. With sophisticated risk analytics and asset allocation tools, we can help ensure each client’s portfolio is constructed and managed in alignment with their unique, long-term risk and return objectives.

Our Services

Our portfolio managers bring decades of experience to our investment process. For clients in search of an investment portfolio diversified across asset classes, we combine our equity and fixed income strategies to create a Multi-asset Strategies portfolio. For clients seeking an investment portfolio focused on a specific asset class, we offer an array of services:

Multi-Asset Strategy

  • Combination of disciplined equity, fundamental equity, fixed income, external mutual funds, and ETFs
  • Diversified asset classes, market capitalizations, global geographies, and investment styles

Disciplined Equity

  • LargeCap, SMidCap, and AllCap 
  • LargeCap available as a mutual fund
  • ESG, SRI, and Tax Managed capabilities

Fundamental Equity

  • Large Cap Value and Small Cap

Fixed Income

  • Short-Term, Intermediate, Core, Municipal, and Limited Duration Municipal
  • ESG and SRI capabilities

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